The 10 Worst Metal Bands of the '80s

Look, the '80s are back in style in every way, and that's totally cool with me. I love it, actually, because it means pop music is more bearable than it's been in a long time. For someone who grew up on 106.9 The Point, this is a wonderful gift that I cherish.

But I'm noticing a disturbing trend in metal. It's not quite that some top acts are aping the decade's worst aspects, but they're definitely starting to verge into some of the less-flattering trends. For instance, much love to Dallas crossover thrash band Power Trip, but the reverb addiction has got to stop.

So to give some helpful hints on what to avoid in the future, here are ten metal bands from that decade who absolutely sucked, and you should avoid sounding like at all costs.

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Corey Deiterman