Classic Rock Corner

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs Not Constantly On The Radio

Of Led Zeppelin's nine stellar (OK, Presence was just all right) studio albums, it's hard to pick the five best. There are no dogs in the bunch, and unlike the Duran Duran Top 5 we did last week, it's harder and more heart-wrenching to limit them to just five. We can chop up the Durannies like liver, when it comes to Page, Plant, JPJ, and Bonzo, it gets impossible.

Friday night at Jones Hall, Led Zeppelin's canon of hits gets the symphonic treatment as the Houston Symphony Orchestra takes on the band's best songs, with Zebra singer Randy Jackson filling in for Robert Plant. We can only imagine what hearing "Kashmir" will be like with a full orchestra. Our rock-nerd sense is tingling.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty