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Top Five Most Overpaid Musicians In The World

Last month Forbes released their list of the 25 highest-earning musicians of 2010, and the list contains several talents Rocks Off is happy to see keeping the lights on. No. 1 on the list, U2, is still a favorite of ours after all these years, and it's always good to see Tom Petty, Jay-Z, and Beyonce doing well.

Even some of the performers we really don't like, we can understand why they're on the list. Justin Bieber, for instance, while not our preferred brand of music, is undeniably an international phenomenon. And although we hate everything Bon Jovi has done except for exactly five songs - go ahead, guess which ones - the guy is a massive success and has enjoyed that success long enough to see pretty much every band on modern country radio start sounding exactly like one song he wrote more than 20 years ago.

We feel like some of the people on that list, however, don't belong, are inconsequential, or could be easily replaced. Here are the five most glaring examples of performers who made way too much money last year.

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