Supreme Cinderella-Like Dysfunction Reigns in Gay-Related Lufkin Sibling Steak-Knife Stabbing

Family dysfunction and domestic disharmony are kind of our stocks-in-trade, but this sick twist on a Cinderella story out of Lufkin shocks even us in its callousness.

According to KTRE, on Friday evening 18-year-old Xavier Walker was berating his 17-year-old sister Shakira Walker because of her sexual orientation.

So there's bullying and homophobia, directed at your little sister, no less.

The Walkers' grandmother saw the whole thing and would later tell cops that Shakira threatened Xavier that if he didn't shut up, she was gonna stab his ass.

So there's a little overreaction going on. When and if she was ever taught to "use her words," Shakira had apparently not been listening. Nor apparently had she heard that "it gets better" once your idiot brother gets out of your face.

For his part, Xavier never learned that words can be weapons. He did not shut up, so Shakira, as promised, stuck him, albeit not in the ass, but in the neck. With a steak knife.

Whereupon Xavier ran out the door, leaving a prodigious trail of blood from the kitchen through the living room and all the way to the front porch, which was where police found him, angrily fuming about the turn recent events had taken.

To her credit, after she plunged a knife into her brother's neck, Shakira did call the cops.

However, when they arrived on the scene, Shakira was not administering aid to Xavier. Instead, they found her in the kitchen mopping up blood.

That was what her granny had told her to do, after all.


The grandmother said she was upset that she had stabbed her brother and because she had made a mess throughout the house, so she made her mop up the blood.

Xavier Walker was taken to a Lufkin hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. And alas, despite her wicked blood brother and un-fair grandmother, there were no glass slippers for Shakira Walker. Instead, she was taken to Angelina County Jail and charged with aggravated assault.

Oh well, at least granny got to enjoy a little peace and quiet last weekend.

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