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Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Spill The Tea During Upcoming Visit

Two best buds are lighting up the Smart Financial Centre stage for a night of tell-all shenanigans.
Two best buds are lighting up the Smart Financial Centre stage for a night of tell-all shenanigans. Photo by Glenn Kulbako
The bromance is coming back. Television royalty by day and besties by night, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are making a second appearance with their ever popular unscripted, uncensored and unforgettable night of conversation. This time, the duo is offering even deeper talks and shallower tales than their first tour which last came to Houston in December 2017. Catch the two silver foxes of the small screen for part deux of their cross country romp AC2 An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen at 8 p.m. Friday, October 25 at Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land.

"This is a new show we're bringing, and it's all new material. It's an intimate night of conversation. It is like going to a bar and hearing some stories," Cooper said. "It's fun to hang out with your best friend, tell stories and laugh. It's a way to show a side of us you don’t see on television."

Emphasis is placed on "going to the bar." In case anyone needs extra incentive to see these megastars up close and personal, Cooper says the bar is open during the show. Cohen has been known to mix beverages on the stage, and attendees can replenish their beverages whenever desired.

Cooper noted that during the show he strays far from the buttoned up, hard news CNN reporter persona most see him as. He's more New Year's Eve countdown Anderson instead of CNN Anderson. He says politics almost never comes up during his and Cohen's discussions or in a Q&A from the crowd. The topics, instead, tend to be more of the day-to-day occurrences as well as the wild experiences they both have experienced in their careers.

"A lot of it is what’s happening in our lives. Andy lives one of the most interesting lives of anyone I know. He has so many bizarre celebrity encounters. I’m not sure how he handles all of these interactions, but he interviews celebrities all the time and has all the housewives in his orbit," Cooper said. "For me, it’s stuff about funny stories from my childhood, my mom, and from the world of news. It’s all sort of weird, personal stuff."

Since their last visit, the two have new experiences to draw from for material, in addition to their interesting lives. Cooper, who already has two books under his belt, is in the process of penning a third. The superstitious reporter didn't want to jinx his work by giving too much away, but he hinted it will focus on historical nonfiction. Cohen recently became a father via surrogacy and is enjoying all the thrills of parenthood.
click to enlarge There's no better person to have on stage that your best friend. - PHOTO BY GLENN KULBAKO
There's no better person to have on stage that your best friend.
Photo by Glenn Kulbako
The twosome have been friends for 25 years, and both have been tremendously successful in their careers. While neither needs the money from the tour, they find a deeper happiness by moving from out of the studio and interacting with large, live audiences.

"This particular show is not work. It doesn’t feel like work to me or Andy. It’s fun to go to Houston and meet a bunch of people, entertain an audience and go out afterward. It’s not something I need to do. It’s not changing my life money wise, but it’s making my life more interesting. It’s like exercising different muscles. You have your regular job, and on the weekends you get to do something different," he said.

As they make their way across the country, Cooper mentioned an excitement about returning to Houston.

"I love Houston. It’s my favorite city in Texas. I think people are incredibly friendly in Houston. It’s down to earth. I’ve been to places where people are more cliquish, but Houston is welcoming and fun," he said.

If tickets aren't available or the piggybank is running dry this month, fret not. Cooper says chances are likely they'll hit up the town after they finish the show.

"Andy likes to go to a gay bar usually, so I’ll go along. I think in the past, Andy has been to JR’s. I have no doubt by the [time the show gets to Houston], Andy will have sussed all that out. He’s the one who does the planning on what’s happening, and I just take his lead on that," he added.

Catch AC2 An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen at 8 p.m., Friday, October 25 at Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land, 18111 Lexington Boulevard. For information, call 281-207-6278 or visit smartfinancialcentre.net. Tickets range from $70 to $110.
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