Movie Music

Bands Named After Movies, Characters & Other Film Stuff

Ever wonder which of your favorite bands are named after movies? So have we. So we went out and did a little bit of research.


My Bloody Valentine: The seminal shoegaze act took their name from a low-budget 1981 horror movie about a guy who really, really hates Valentine's Day, so instead of just sitting around moping, he throws on a gas mask, grabs a butcher knife, and does something about it. The film was remade in 2009, coinciding with the band's reunion, and received surprisingly decent reviews for a 3-D slasher flick.

Say Anything: Mediocre emo band named after a John Cusack film that outclasses them by miles and miles. We still think Grosse Pointe Blank's Martin Blank is supposed to be an alternate-dimension future version of Lloyd Dobler.

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