Dave Mustaine, Johnny Ramone, ZZ Top And A Few Other Right-Wing Rockers

Most people wouldn't associate right-wing conservative politics with dirty rock and rollers, but you would be surprised. Not all rock cats are card-carrying communists and lily-livered liberals trying to save the sacred animal of the week and converting their buses to biodiesel. In fact, many old-guard rock acts are dyed in the wool Republicans, and some are even known to play certain fundraisers and conventions for the Grand Old Party's $1000-a-ticket shindigs.

Variety is what makes rock and roll the living, breathing thing that it is. It wouldn't be very interesting if everyone who picked up a guitar subscribed to one sole ideology. As far as Rocks Off is concerned, if they are still making solid music and aren't writing a concept double albums casting Rush Limbaugh as a marauding Viking in the 1300s, then let them do what they want.

OK, a Limbaugh album would be kinda cool... we guess.

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth: Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine has always treaded on the right side of the political spectrum, but his leanings became pronounced in the band's music just a few years ago. Recently, Mustaine hooked up with Austin radio host Alex Jones for a two-part interview detailing his views on the supposed New World Order.

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Craig Hlavaty
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