Diamond Durst: Neil, Fred and Other Musical Tweets



. This was the story that made us here at Rocks Off check to make sure it wasn't April 1 again. It would be just like April Fool's Day to feature us in some kind of cosmic

Groundhog Day

sequel without letting us know first. But no, evidently this really happened. Fred Durst of jock-jam pioneers (and recently reunited) Limp Bizkit tweeted Neil Diamond thusly: "I am a huge fan of yours. We should do a collaboration - Neil Diamond meets my band Limp Bizkit. Sounds fresh." Instead of reacting like most of the rest of us did - splashing our monitors with holy water - Neil tweeted back that the idea sounded pretty gosh-darn dope to him too (in so many words). Despite the fact that this collaboration is way more likely to tear the universe a new asshole than several Large Hadron Colliders, we hope it happens, if for no other reason than to satisfy what we now recognize as a very dark, sick and morbid curiosity. That curiosity has mutated; we are now obsessed with imagining other musicians who might hook up through Twitter.


@andrewridgley Hey, you're the other guy from Wham!, right?


@George_Michael er, yes.


@andrewridgely Should we do another album, then?


@andrewridgely Just saw a docu on '90's grunge on BBC2, think the '80's r about 2 go out of style again. We need 2 hurry.


@andrewridgely Hello? **user andrewridgely has blocked you**

George Michael (spoken): Bugger.


NeilDiamond: Hi, sorry to direct message you like this, but Durst said I should get in touch with you. He told me the two of you worked together once. snoop_dogg: CHUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!

NeilDiamond: I don't know what that means.


the_one_true_yngwie: @stevevai Guitar Hero @ my place in an hour, pussy boy! stevevai: @the_one_true_yngwie You're fucking going DOWN

stevevai: @the_one_true_yngwie I have totally been practicing


therealkanye: Hey dude therealkanye: I been listening to a bunch of your songs lately therealkanye: And I need to sample like 16 of those bitches therealkanye: How do I go about getting those rights from u? phil_collins: I just faxed you all the forms, they're mostly filled out, just sign. therealkanye: Damn, that was fast, for real

phil_collins: Happens all the time. Black people love me.


ColonelClaypool: So what do you have against bass players, anyway? Jack_White: PLEASE leave me alone, Les.

ColonelClaypool: lol


freddurst: hey man i been a big fan of yours forever freddurst: we should collaborate yo that would be fly freddurst: and also the bomb-diggity kfed: for real yo kfed: i got a shitload of lyrics about britney i gots to put out there freddurst: word, me too kfed: what?

freddurst: nuthin


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