Happy 51st, Depeche Mode's Martin Gore: A Birthday Playlist

Today is the 51st birthday of Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, and here's to hoping he's around for another 51 years because he remains an amazingly talented songwriter and performer. You simply can't say anything bad about the man who gave us "Personal Jesus," unless you want to gently whack him for that Marilyn Manson cover. Doesn't change the genius of the original though.

Though he is the primary songwriter in the band, it's Dave Gahan's voice that you associate with all the group's big hits. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Gahan has the vocal cords of a living god, and the word is infinitely better for having him in it belting out "Blasphemous Rumours" and "John the Revelator."

Still, on occasion Gore takes the lead vocals on songs. Since it's his special day I thought I'd put together a playlist celebrating his turns out in front. Black celebrating, even! Here's to you, sir.

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