Kerry Beyer Goes Across the Universe Without Leaving Home in Music Video

Every time we get a new song or video from Kerry Beyer it is just plain weird. Not the videos themselves, but the fact that these acoustic accomplishments are coming out of one of Houston's best and most acclaimed horror film directors. Oh well, a man's got to have layers.

His newest outing is a cover of the Beatles' "Across the Universe," and normally it's the kind of thing we'd skip here in the music video column. In addition to being a cover, which loses you points unless you do something over-the-top and ridiculous like Terrance Zdunich did with "Istanbul," it's more ore less just Beyer singing the song over a variety of special effects. The plethora of music videos that are little more than fun with filters has made finding subjects to write about a bit of a task. Even with these knocks against it this videos excels.

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