A guy named Toca does weed. Go figure
A guy named Toca does weed. Go figure
Photo courtesy Mission PD

Stoner Follies: Adan Toca, Apparent Cheech and Chong Fan, Is A Stoner's Favorite Ice Cream Man

Whoever said life imitates art was no liar.

What's funny is how often life in Texas can imitate "high" art - namely Cheech and Chong movies.

Take this tale, from Mission in the Rio Grande Valley...

This Tuesday, a 34-year-old man named Adan Toca -- who even appears to try to cultivate a Cheech and Chong-ish appearance -- ambled into a post office carrying two ten-pound packages. He was alleged to have appeared to be intoxicated, so he was questioned before he could mail his packages, which were eventually each found to contain ten pounds of weed.

Which is kind of amusing, but it's even funnier when you learn how this allegedly sozzled drug courier arrived at the Post Office.

In an ice cream van. No word on whether it was the same one the stoner comedians used in Nice Dreams.

Mission police Sgt. Jody Tittle speculated that Toca might have been using the van -- which had no freezer -- to avoid attracting police attention. In which case we can only say: mission accomplished, but too bad about that whole being so wasted the cops pull you aside in the post office thing.

Toca, who claimed in court to be a native of Zacatecas, Mexico, is currently jailed in the Hidalgo County Detention Center on a felony pot possession charge. His bail was set at $50,000.


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