Ha-Peep Easter!

Easter has arrived, which means one very important thing for millions of Americans across the nation: they can once again feel free to indulge in the sweets or wine or Mexican food they gave up for Lent.

To celebrate this momentous day, we've compiled the greatest moments in Peeps for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!  (And try not to eat the entire contents of your Easter basket in one sitting.)

First up, the classic Mortal Peep Fight, made notable by the barely-contained gasps of laughter emanating from the young narrators:

Next up is an overly earnest, Peep-based reenactment of Jaws, featuring what is possibly the crudest animation ever seen on YouTube (and that's saying a lot):

Continuing in the category of dramatic reenactments, next we see a condensed Peep (and, sadly, Circus Peanut) version of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It's no Robot Chicken, but there's the added bonus of being able to eat Luke Skywalker at the end:

Next is a monstrosity of a Peep, terrorizing innocent Lego-men who -- it appears -- have ketchup for blood. Bet you didn't know that about Legos:

Lastly, we have my favorite TV Peep moment, courtesy of the Easter episode of South Park. Unfortunately, there are no higher quality videos, but the sheer brilliance of the Peep-bomb makes up for it:

Happy Easter!

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