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Restaurants Closed in Houston Today Because of Massive Rain and Flooding [UPDATED TUESDAY]

Updated, 4/29/2016: We've had a great deal of feedback that this list is helpful, so we are continuing to update it with flood-related restaurant open and closed statuses as these are received. There are a few restaurants still closed today. However, the vast majority that were closed yesterday have reopened today, so even if they're listed under "closed," they're probably open now. Diners' best course of action is to call ahead unless a new report for today is noted.

The overnight deluge that dropped as much as 13 inches on parts of Houston has caused many restaurants to delay opening today. Some are skipping lunch service, although with more heavy rain expected this evening, some may not be able to serve dinner, either.

(Scroll to the bottom and head to the next page to see the restaurants that are reportedly open.)

Here are the closings we know about so far. 

51Fifteen, 5115 Westheimer: The Galleria restaurant closed at 5 p.m. Monday.
Aka Sushi House, 2390 West Alabama: Chef Jason Liao reported it closed Monday evening.
Amerícas (multiple locations):  Cordúa Group chief operating officer Federico Espinoza says all locations are closed until 5 p.m. today. Update: Espinoza wrote back and said, "We are not going to open tonight for business. We have several team members not able to come and the situation seems still dangerous so we do not want to risk it."
Antone's Po'Boy: Per Legacy Restaurants' chief executive officer, Jonathan Horowitz, both locations were closed on Monday.
Arpi's Phoenicia Deli, 12151 Westheimer: The restaurant at the west side Phoenicia grocery store was closed on Monday.
Artísta, 800 Bagby: Cordúa Group chief operating officer Federico Espinoza said it was closed on Monday.

Backstreet Cafe, 1103 South Shepherd: The Upper Kirby restaurant was closed on Monday.
Bad News Bar, 308 Main: Bartender Elyse Blechman says the popular balcony bar downtown was closed on Monday evening.
Barnaby's, 414 West Gray: Reader Sarah Cordovi reported this particular location was closed on Monday.
Batanga, 908 Congress: Owner Brian Fasthoff said Batanga was not open for lunch on Monday.
Berryhill Baja Grill (Multiple Locations): No catering orders were fulfilled and the restaurant openings were delayed on Monday, but things are back to normal as of Tuesday.
Bernadine’s, 1801 North Shepherd: Was closed on Monday.
Bernie's Burger Bus (Multiple locations): PR rep Kimberly Park reported on Monday that all locations were closed for lunch and dinner. The gourmet burger shops were expected to reopen for business as usual today, but we're awaiting confirmation.
Bistro Provence, 13616 Memorial: Owner Genevieve Guy said the French restaurant on the west side was closed for lunch on Monday.
Boomtown Coffee, 242 West 19th: Owner Charlotte Mitchell Loreman said the shop was closed on Monday because the staff were unable to get there.
Bramble, 2231 South Voss: Chef Randy Rucker says that Bramble was closed on Monday. However, next Monday there will be fried chicken! That seems like a good consolation prize.
Brasserie 19, 1962 West Gray: Like all other Clark Cooper Concepts restaurants, Brasserie 19 was not open on Monday.
Brazil Café, 2604 Dunlavy: The Montrose-area casual coffee shop and cafe was closed on Monday.
BRC Houston, 519 Shepherd: BRC was not open on Monday.
Brennan's of Houston, 3300 Smith: Fern Casio reported the restaurant was closed for lunch on Monday but it did serve dinner from 5:45 until 8 p.m.
The Burger Joint, 2703 Montrose: Sara Jackson of Kenektid PR says The Burger Joint didn't serve Monday brunch but did open at 11 a.m. for burgers and beer.
Cafe TH, 2108 Pease: If you had a hankering for great banh mi and pho on the East side, you were out of luck on Monday.
Caracol, 2200 Post Oak, #160: PR rep Paula Murphy reported the Galleria-area coastal Mexican seafood restaurant was closed for lunch on Monday but did reopen for dinner. 
The Original Carrabba's (Multiple locations): The restaurant reported on Monday that both the Kirby and and Voss locations were closed until further notice.
Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse, 7801 Westheimer: Reader Joshua Brettschneider reported this was closed for lunch on Monday.
Churrascos (multiple locations): Cordúa Group chief operating officer Federico Espinoza said all Churrascos restaurants were closed yesterday.
Ciao Bello,  5161 San Felipe: The Galleria-area Italian restaurant was not open on Monday, but Tony Vallone's namesake restaurants, Tony's and Vallone's, are open.
Coltivare, 3320 White Oak: PR rep Lindsey Folger says the restaurant was closed on Monday "due to concerns about employee safety." However, Coltivare's sister bar, Eight Row Flint, will be open at 2 p.m.
Conservatory, 1010 Prairie: Was closed on Monday.
Corkscrew BBQ, 26608 Keith, Old Town Spring Co-owner Nicole Buckman says the acclaimed barbecue restaurant she runs with husband Will didn't have a good time of it on Monday. She wrote, "CorkScrew BBQ may have to close tomorrow, trees down on power lines. No electric [service here], no estimated time for it being on. Searching for a full restaurant generator so this doesn't affect us again the day after a major storm." As a result, Corkscrew is closed Tuesday, April 19 and hopes to reopen by Wednesday.
D&T Drive Inn, 1307 Enid: The bar was not open on Monday. 
D'Amico's Italian Market Café, 5510 Morningside:  The Rice Village restaurant was open for lunch on Monday but closed the rest of the evening. 
Dave & Buster's (Multiple locations): The Richmond and Katy Freeway locations were closed on Monday, but the Friendswood location opened as usual.
Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet, : Reader Joshua Brettschneider reported that Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet was closed on Monday.
Dish Society, 5740 San Felipe: The Houston-area Dish Society location was closed all day on Monday (for both lunch and dinner), but the Katy location was open. 
Down House, 1801 Yale: Treadsack group co-owner Chris Cusack said Down House was closed all day on Monday.
The Dunlavy, 3422 Allen Parkway: The breakfast and lunch spot was closed on Monday.
The Durham House, 1200 Durham: It's a bummer to get a great review from the Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook and then have to be closed the next day. The Durham House's owner, Raj Natarajan Jr., reported that owing to some minor damage, the restaurant will reopen on Wednesday, April 20 at 11 a.m.
El Big Bad, 419 Travis: Chef Jonathan Jones said that the restaurant was closed for lunch on Monday but was hoping to open for dinner.
El Burro & The Bear: The barbecue company in Conservatory was not open on Monday.
El Tiempo, 1308 Montrose: All locations were closed on Monday.
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, 705 Main: The downtown location was closed on Monday, but the Sugar Land location was open.
Frank's Americana Revival, 3737 Westheimer: Mike Shine reported it was closed on Monday. 
The Garden Café, 1 Riverway: Reader Venay Ray Luna reported on Monday that the cafe was not only closed but actually flooded.
Grace's, 3111 Kirby: Writer Marene Gustin reported that the restaurant was closed on Monday, at least for lunch.

Hugo's, 1600 Westheimer: PR representative Paula Murphy reports chef Hugo Ortega's bastion of authentic Mexican cuisine is not open for lunch today. Update: Hugo's has decided to remain closed for dinner, but sister restaurant Caracol, in the Galleria area, will be open tonight.
Hugs & Donuts, 1901 North Shepherd, Sorry, no hugs (or donuts) for you today! Co-owner Amy Ponterella says the shop was unable to open.
Hunky Dory, 1801 North Shepherd: Closed through lunch. Treadsack group co-owner Chris Cusack says a decision on dinner service will be made around 2 p.m. Update: Hunky Dory has decided to remain closed this evening.
Ibiza, 2450 Louisiana #300: The downtown patio restaurant is regrettably unable to open for lunch today.
Irish Cowboy,  2300 Louisiana: The ranch-style bar is closed tonight. 
Jackson Street BBQ, 209 Jackson: Closed for lunch today per pitmaster Brandon John Allen.
James Coney Island (Multiple locations): Some were closed on Monday, but others were not. See the list under the "Restaurants/Bars That Are Open Today" section for those that have been reported open. Best bet is to call ahead before heading out.
Jax Grill, (Multiple locations): Owner Paul Miller says all locations are closed today.
Jenni's Noodle House (Multiple locations): Co-owner Scott Transweaver said all locations were closed for lunch on Monday.
Jonathan's The Rub, 9061 Gaylord: Sam Levine said the Hedwig Village restaurant best known for its steaks and burgers was closed on Monday.
Johnny's Gold Brick, 2518 Yale: The bar will not be open tonight. 
Kata Robata, 3600 Kirby: Chef Manabu Horiuchi's Japanese restaurant in the Upper Kirby area was closed for lunch on Monday but opened for dinner.
Karbach Brewing Co., 2032 Karbach: The brewery was closed on Monday. 
Kenny & Ziggy's, 2321 Post Oak: The genuine Jewish deli took heed of the warnings and stayed closed through breakfast and lunch on Monday.
KUU, 947 Gessner: KUU was closed for lunch and dinner on Monday.
La Table, 1800 Post Oak: On Monday, chef de partie Daniel McGarvey of La Table said the restaurant was closed all day.
Laurenzo's, 4412 Washington: Reader Melissa Menendez noted it was closed for lunch on Monday.

Lucky's Pub, 2520 Houston:  For a place named "Lucky's," the Heights location isn't when it comes to flooding. It flooded both last year and this year, and will be closed for repairs for a while. 
Mia's, 3131 Argonne: Like the other Carrabba's restaurants on or near Kirby, Mia's is closed today.
MKT Bar at Phoenicia Foods Downtown, 1001 Austin: The restaurant will be closed all day today. Tomorrow night should be good, though. PR rep Tina Zulu writes, "We will be back in the swing of things tomorrow for steak night and a special set from DJ Baby Roo from 6-9 p.m." After today, we'll all need a steak night.
Mockingbird Bistro, 1985 Welch: Chef John Sheely was going to try to open this evening, but has had to cancel. 
Molina's (Multiple Locations): All locations are closed through dinner and will reopen for business tomorrow, per PR rep Kimberly Park.
Moving Sidewalk, 306 Main: Co-owner Alex Gregg was going to open, but wrote back to say, "After further review of the weather forecast, and in the interest of not encouraging people to get on the road during what could become life-threatening conditions, we have decided not to open this evening."
Mongoose vs Cobra, 1011 McGowen: Co-owner Mike Sammons says the bar is without power and will not be open this evening. However, 13 Celsius will be, so head that way if it is safe to do so for wine, beer, snacks and relaxation. 
Ninfa's On Navigation, 2074 Navigation: Per Legacy Restaurants' chief executive officer, Jonathan Horowitz, the classic Tex-Mex restaurant is closed for lunch. It will hopefully open for dinner, but a final decision hasn't been made yet.
Ocean Grille, 1228 Seawall, Galveston: Owner Bryan Davis reports this Galveston-area restaurant specializing in Gulf seafood will not open today.
Ooh La La (Multiple locations): The popular pastry shops are closed today until further notice, according to PR rep Kimberly Park.
The Original OKRA Charity Saloon, 924 Congress: It's a sad day when you can't drink for charity, but the saloon doors will remain closed this evening.
Petite Sweets, 2700 West Alabama: Tried to open with a limited menu, but decided to close for the day.

Palotta's, 27606 Interstate 45 North, Conroe: Reader Amber Keyser noted that this was closed on Monday.
Pappas Bros Steakhouse (Multiple locations): Both locations were to be closed all day on Monday. Thanks to Joseph Welborne for the info.
The Pastry War, 310 Main: No mezcal or tequila fix was available on Monday.

Peli Peli (Two locations): Both the Galleria and Vintage Park locations are closed for lunch today. Co-owner Thomas Nguyen says dinner service "is to be determined." Update: The Vintage Park location will reopen at 5 p.m. this evening. The Galleria location, however, will not be open tonight.
Phoenicia Specialty Foods, 12141 Westheimer: The West side grocery store is closed today. However, the downtown location is open until 5 p.m.
Punk's Simple Southern Food, 5212 Morningside: The Rice Village hub for good ol' Southern food is not open for lunch today
Rico's Morning Noon Night, 401 Gray: Chef Jason Gould says Rico's will not be open today, as it's "not really patio weather."
Robards, 2301 North Millbend, The Woodlands: PR rep Christy Lee of Storyteller Communications emailed to report the notable steakhouse will not be opening at all today. 
Roegels Barbecue Co., 223 South Voss: Per co-owner Misty Roegels, the notable barbecue joint is closed today.
State of Grace, 3258 Westheimer: Closed all day today, and general manager Matt Crawford says the restaurant will monitor conditions in order to make a decision about tomorrow.
Revival Market, 550 Heights: The cafe and grocery in The Heights is closed today, per public relations rep Lindsey Folger.
SaltAir, 3029 Kirby: The seafood-focused Clark Cooper restaurant is not open for lunch.
Shade, 250 West 19th: Greg Bebee reports that the restaurant will be closed for lunch today. "We hope to be open for dinner," he wrote.
Sud Italia, 2347 University: Restaurateur Shanon Scott writes, "Sud Italia is closed for the day due to fact that we want our staff and guests safe."
Uchi, 904 Westheimer: Reader Erin Tade says she called to make a reservation and found this Montrose restaurant is closed tonight. 
Underbelly, 1100 Westheimer: Public relations rep Lindsey Folger says Underbelly is closed for lunch and dinner today. At least the restaurant has a sense of humor about it, as it posted a shark photo with the caption "Be safe. It's rough out there!"
Weights + Measures, 2808 Caroline: Public relations rep Sara Jackson of Kenektid PR says the restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner is a "game time decision." Update: The restaurant will not be open this evening since the power is out, per co-owner Mike Sammons.

Willie's Grill & Icehouse, 19770 TX-249: Considering that it's underwater, it's a safe bet to say it's not going to be open today.
Zydeco Louisiana Diner, 1119 Pease: Reader Paula Murphy reports that the downtown staple of Cajun food is closed today.

Event Cancellations

Craft Burger Truck Grand Opening at Karbach Brewing,
2032 Karbach Street

This is the second time that Food Network "Chopped" winner Shannen Tune has scheduled the grand opening for his truck. It may is also be the second time it ends up being canceled, but the chef says he's going to wait until 3 p.m. to decide.  Due to Karbach Brewing being closed today, chef Tune will have to hope the third time is the charm. The grand opening is canceled. 

"The Tables Have Turned" Event at Southern Goods, 632 West 19th

We have no word on this yet but have contacted chef Lyle Bento of Southern Goods to find out the status of this event. Chef Lyle Bento says that the restaurant can't even get its food deliveries today. Unfortunately, this fun-sounding event is going to have to be rescheduled.

Cantillon Event at Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, 705 Main: This is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and is tentatively still on.  Flying Saucer's Joshua Justice reported that the downtown location was not open on Monday,  so this event wasn't held as-planned.

Events That Still Happened On Monday

420th UNanniversary Speakeasy Night at Beaver's
, 2310 Decatur: In the "too stubborn to give up" category, Beaver's went ahead with their planned party, writing on Instagram, "We build dams know our party is still ON! Join us at 5pm for our 420th UNanniversary Speakeasy Night. Cocktails, shots and snacks. Bring your neighbor, we know they've been cooped up today too!"

Restaurants/Bars That Are Open Today

13 Celsius, 3000 Caroline: Co-owner Mike Sammons said that although 13 Celsius did take on some water, the staff is working furiously to be able to open for regular hours this evening.
Anvil Bar & Refuge, 1424 Westheimer: The notable cocktail bar is open tonight with limited food service.
Bakery Donut, 1203 West 11th: Houston Press contributor Jeff Balke reports this Heights-area shop appeared to be open this morning. It normally closes at 1 p.m., so if you want doughnuts, you'd better hurry.
Barry's Pizza, 6003 Richmond: The shop was going to close all day, and then decided conditions were good enough to open for dinner. 
Beaver's, 2310 Decatur: As the saying goes: "Too stubborn to quit and too mean to [say] die." See above for information on the restaurant's UNanniversary party, which is going on as planned starting at 5 p.m. this evening. 
Blacksmith, 1018 Westheimer: Open for business as usual.
Boondocks, 1417 Westheimer: This Montrose bar is open tonight.
Cafe East 3, 6771 South Texas 6: Owner Matt Chow says the Alief-area restaurant suffered some minor water damage but was still able to open today.
Cajun Stop, 2130 Jefferson: Owner Lisa Carnley wrote in to say that as of Tuesday, April 19, "Cajun Stop is open today, if you guys want a po' boy, swing by. My employees want to work." Also, she says she is accepting donations of toiletries and snacks for flood victims who are stuck at area shelters.
Caracol, 2200 Post Oak, #160: PR rep Paula Murphy reports Caracol will open for dinner.
Cyclone Anaya's (Multiple Locations): All locations are open for regular business this evening.
Dave and Buster's, 704 Baybrook, Friendswood: This location is open today, although the Richmond Avenue and Katy Freeway locations are not.
D'Amico's Italian Market Café, 5510 Morningside:  Have a hankering for homey Italian food? D'Amico's in Rice Village opened late for lunch today. Update: The restaurant has already closed for the day.
Dish Society, 23501 Cinco Ranch, Katy: Is open right now and plans to keep regular hours today. 
Eight Row Flint, 1039 Yale: Need a whiskey and a beer, maybe with some tacos and queso on the side? Eight Row Flint opens at 2 p.m. today. 
El Patio, 6444 Westheimer, The Tex-Mex spot was closed for lunch but is now open for blues, margaritas and Tex-Mex, per Sara Jackson of Kenektid PR.
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, 15929 City Walk, Sugar Land: If you're in Sugar Land, you're in luck, as the Flying Saucer will be open and ready to sell a cold brew and some hot food. 
Frank's Pizza, 417 Travis: The downtown pizzeria offers delivery (assuming they can get to you) and will be open until 10 p.m.
Fuddrucker's (Multiple Locations):  As of Tuesday, April 19, all Fuddrucker's locations are reported to be up and running.
Habenera & The Gringo, 9902 Gulf Freeway: Co-owner Vanessa Lomeli says they braved the weather and are open today.
Hubcap Grill (Multiple Locations): Per owner Ricky Craig, all locations are back to business as usual as of Tuesday, April 19.
The Hay Merchant: This Montrose beer bar will open at its usual time at 3 p.m. Mondays are usually TV Dinner night, but that's been rescheduled now for Wednesday. Also, family-style items will not be available. 
The Honeymoon, 300 Main: Per co-owner Charlotte Mitchell Loreman, The Honeymoon will open at 9 a.m. but is serving only coffee and pastries this morning. There will be no lunch service today.
HS Chinese, 15222 West: Reader Jim Crider says it's possible to get a Chinese food fix at this resilient northwest Houston restaurant today. 
Izakaya, 318 Gray: Chef Jean-Philippe Gaston has decided to open and writes, "Open for dinner! But be safe out there. Inside the Loop is looking pretty good so far." 
James Coney Island (Multiple locations):  Some, but not all, locations are open today and serving a limited menu. These are at 6955 Gulf Freeway, 12500 East Freeway, 10600 Gulf Freeway, 740 South Mason in Katy, 5730 Hollister and 9813 FM 1960 Bypass in Humble.
Kata Robata, 3600 Kirby: The restaurant has posted on Twitter that it has opened for dinner.
Killen's Steakhouse, 6425 West Broadway, Pearland: Open and ready to feed you steak and more. 
Les Givral's, 2704 Milam: Spare Key bar owner Chris Frankel reports this as open in Midtown.
Les Mistral, 1400 Eldridge: The restaurant posted on its Twitter account that it plans to be open as usual for dinner. 
Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar, 1050 Studewood: PR rep Jessica Meyerson of Stevens PR Group says the Heights-area location will open at 4 p.m.
Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette, 4224 San Felipe: Similarly to the Heights location, this one will open at 5 p.m.
Lola, 1102 Yale: Houston Press contributor Jeff Balke reported the Heights-area spot appears to be open.
Luby's (Various locations): As of Tuesday, April 19, all Houston-area Luby's locations are now reported to be open for business. 
Lucky's Pub, 801 Saint Emmanuel: Open for business as of Tuesday, April 19.
Mark's American Cuisine, 1658 Westheimer: If you want to indulge in fine fare, Mark's is open tonight. As an incentive to get out into the gloom (if it is safe to do so, of course), the Montrose restaurant is offering happy hour all night. 
Mockingbird Bistro, 1985 Welch: Chef John Sheely says he plans to open the bar at 4 p.m. and start dinner service at 5:30 p.m.  We just received a message from chef Sheely that Mockingbird Bistro will not open this evening after all. 
Moving Sidewalk, 306 Main: Co-owner Alex Gregg reports the bar will open at 5 p.m. as usual today. Gregg has changed his mind and will not open today after all.
Mytiburger, 2211 West 43rd:  Reader Steve Mertz reports this burger place is open as of lunchtime.
Oxheart, 1302 Nance: Baker Karen Man reports that Oxheart is open and serving dinner tonight. 

Paulie's, 1834 Westheimer: Paulie's opened at 11 a.m. This seems like a great day for meatballs and bucatini all'amatriciana
Peli Peli, 110 Vintage Park: The Galleria location won't be open tonight, but the Vintage Park original will open at 5 p.m.
Petite Sweets, 2700 West Alabama: Open with a limited menu. Has decided to close for the day.
Phoenicia Specialty Foods, 1001 Austin: This downtown grocery store is open until 5 p.m. However, the in-store restaurant, MKT Bar, is closed. 
Pink's Pizza: Some locations are open today, but there is no delivery available yet. See the list below. 

Prego, 2520 Amherst: Hungry and in the Rice Village? You're in luck, as chef John Watt's Prego is open today.

Provisions, 807 Taft: Provisions is open for dinner this evening and apparently is serving short ribs, too.
Pub Fiction, 2303 Smith #100: The Midtown bar will be open and showing the Rockets game tonight.
Public Services Wine & Whisky, 202 Travis: The bar is open for your imbibing pleasure. 
Red Pier, 2704 Milam #6C: Spare Key bar owner Chris Frankel reported this was open for lunch. Hopefully, it will be for dinner, too. 
Roostar Vietnamese Grill, 
1411 Gessner: Reader Leah Inkrott reports the restaurant formerly named Vietnam Poblano is open and serving today. 
Royal Oak, 1318 Westheimer: Open for business this evening.
Smith & Wollensky, 4007 Westheimer: General manager Scott Mitchell says the River Oaks-area restaurant is open for business as usual today.
Stone's Throw, 1417 Westheimer: Open for business as usual tonight per Sara Jackson.
Tarakaan, 2301 Main: Owner Piran Esfahani says, "Tarakaan will open the doors today for anyone that was affected by the weather in our area and give out free comfort lobster ramen starting at 6 p.m.!"
Tony's, 3755 Richmond: The enduring Italian restaurant was closed for lunch but plans to be open for dinner.
Treebeards (Multiple Locations): Dan Tidwell emailed to report that all Treebeards locations are open as of Tuesday, April 19.
Union Kitchen (Multiple Locations): All locations are open to serve dinner this evening. 
Vallone's, 945 Gessner: The Memorial City-area Italian steakhouse is open this evening.
Vic & Anthony’s, 1510 Texas: Chef Michael O’Connor confirmed that Vic & Anthony is not only open tonight, but busy. 
Waffle House, 17609 FM 529: Reader Jim Crider reports that this is not only open, but very busy today.

We will update this post as we receive information. Please contact us at [email protected] 

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