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Four Fun Facts About the Houston Texans' Surprising 6-4 Start

Reintroducing the fun at Texans home games.
Reintroducing the fun at Texans home games. Photo by Eric Sauseda
As we count down the days to the most important game played in NRG Stadium since 2019, the huge AFC South tilt this Sunday for the Houston Texans against the division leading Jacksonville Jaguars, let's take a moment to revel in some of the Texans' accomplishments so far this season, as compared to the last three years.

As an aside, that's the crazy thing about looking back during this new era of Texans football — the Texans have not been a bad football organization for all THAT long. They were in the playoffs four seasons ago. For sake of comparison, the Browns have spent the better part of the last two decades watching the playoffs from the outside looking in. The Jets have been abysmal for like five decades now.

It just feels like a long time because of exactly HOW dysfunctional the organization was under the nefarious eye of Jack Easterby. Those days are gone forever, thankfully. It's now the Age of Meco, and along those lines, at 6-4 on the season and in firmly in the playoff hunt now, here are a few fun facts about the Houston Texans through ten games:

4. This three game winning streak is the Texans' first one since 2018.
That's right, even with a 10-6 season back in 2019 in between now and then, the Houston Texans' fan base has not had three good weeks in a row since 2018, when they actually had NINE good weeks in a row. That was the team record nine game winning streak, after an 0-3 start to the 2018 season. Much like that nine game winning streak, the Texans have been winning some true nail biters, with each of the last three games essentially coming down to the final possession.

3. The Texans have as many home wins this season as they’ve had the last three seasons combined.
One of the focal points for DeMeco Ryans, at least when speaking to the fan base, has been to make home games fun again. It's hard to believe that the Texans went over an entire season without winning a home game. Now, they've won four home games in a row, and with all four home wins on the season, they've matched their total from the last three years combined:

2023: 4
2022: 0
2021: 2
2020: 2

2. Why does this feel so good? Here’s the TEXANS RECORD after 10 games, since 2020:
If a 6-4 record, in a vacuum, feels merely satisfactory, I get it. In the grand scheme of the NFL, a 6-4 record has you fighting for a fringe postseason spot. That's great, but not elite. That said, if you're a Texans fan who feels like 6-4 through ten games is like winning the Super Bowl, don't feel self conscious or confused! Here is why you feel that way — the Texans' record through ten games the last four seasons has been as follows:

2020: 3-7
2021: 2-8
2022: 1-8-1
2023: 6-4

So, yeah, the Texans have won as many games through ten games this season as they did through ten games in the previous three seasons combined.

1. Statistically, C.J. Stroud has done a season's worth of Davis Mills' work in 10 games
Okay, let's bring some of the shine down to a personal level, because we could recite team stats and accomplishments all day long. The Texans are pretty much better, as a team, at everything this season than they've been at anytime since at least 2019, and in some facets, better than they've been since before Bill O'Brien got here in 2014. Let's look at C.J. Stroud through 10 games, though, and just focus on this season and last season. Here are Stroud's numbers through 10 games and Davis Mills' 2022 numbers through all 15 of his starts:

STROUD 2023 (10 games): 2,962 yards passing, 17 TD, 5 INT, 99.3 passer rating, 8.3 yards per attempt

MILLS 2022 (15 games): 3,118 yards passing, 17 TD, 15 INT, 78.8 passer rating, 6.5 yards per attempt

This is more of a knock on the horrific offensive system Pep Hamilton ran in 2022 than it is criticism of Mills specifically. The bottom line is that life is a whole lot better and more watchable now, as a Houston Texans fan.

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