5 Fast Food "Secret Menu" Items: Sides Edition

Remember the McGangbang? Yeah, we brought it up again -- sorry! But it got us thinking: Surely there have to be other "secret menu" items lurking out there, just waiting to be discovered. And because we live in a sick, sick world, there are. So we dug them up for you, because we're just as sick.

Check out these 5 "Secret Menu" Fast Food Sides:

Disclaimer: You may not be able to order these items by name, but if you seek mediocre thrills in life and want to give it a go, don't forget to document it on YouTube for the rest of us.

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5. Burger King's Frings

Ever have trouble deciding between the King's french fries and fried onion rings, so you just order both? Well, stop being a fatty and order the frings: half fries, half rings. On second thought, why not just continue being a fatty and use those saved calories for a Mocha Frappé? You're welcome.

Rumor has it they have seasoned sweet potato curly fries now, too. Curly frings, anyone?

4. KFC's Poutine

So get this: KFC has fried potato wedges, right? And they also have gravy. Sooo it seems like a no brainer: pour the gravy all over the fries. But wait, while you're at it, ask for some of the shredded cheese they use for those questionable-sounding/I'm-actually-just-embarrassed-that-I want-to-try-one Mashed Potato Bowls.

Sure, it may not be cheese curd, but hey, you're at a fast-food chicken joint and you didn't have to step foot into Canada -- be grateful for what you have.

3. Pizza Hut's Breadsticks with Cream Sauce

I think we can all agree that dipping the Hut's breadsticks in its thick, sweet marinara is pretty good. But you know what's better? Dipping the sticks in its creamy, cheesy alfredo sauce. Just ask for a side of white sauce, then curse me for having introduced this to you.

They also have cheesy sticks & ranch dressing. Just sayin'.

2. Sonic's Extreme Tots

They may be lesser known than In-N-Out's animal-style fries, but these tots are piled just as high and are just as good. Start with the chili cheese tots and ask them to throw on chopped onions, sliced jalapeños and, wait for it...wait for it...buttermilk ranch dressing.

Sure, they're probably like 5,000 calories, but with one bite, you'll have 5,000 reasons not to care.

1. Chipotle's Loaded Nachos

Forget the giant burrito -- Chipotle has all the goodies for some amazing loaded nachos. Just ask for a bowl of tortilla chips and start piling on the toppings. My favorite combo is shredded barbacoa, grilled chipotle chicken, black beans, shredded cheese, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo-green chili and tons of guacamole.

Okay, so that's pretty much every topping they have, but that's why they're called loaded, amiright?

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