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Conservatives Defend Whole Foods While Liberals Boycott

Irate progressives are calling for a boycott of Whole Foods after the health food store chain's founder John Mackey came out against Obama's efforts at reforming health care in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece last week. After stating his fears about socialized medicine, Mackey made a few suggestions of his own.

"Recent scientific and medical evidence shows that a diet consisting of foods that are plant-based, nutrient dense and low-fat will help prevent and often reverse most degenerative diseases that kill us and are expensive to treat. We should be able to live largely disease-free lives until we are well into our 90s and even past 100 years of age," he wrote.

In other words, if you shopped at Whole Foods, you wouldn't have any health problems.

To deal with the swelling ranks of the uninsured, Mackey suggests we "make it easier for individuals to make a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to help the millions of people who have no insurance and aren't covered by Medicare, Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program."

Customers who wrote to Whole Foods to complain about Mackey's strange screed received an e-mail response that distances the chain from John Mackey's op-ed piece while defending his views at the same time.

Conservatives defend Mackey's right to his opinion. They are gleefully comparing Whole Foods boycotters to Town Hall screamers. But given the profile of the average Whole Foods customer, business writers have nominated Mackey's op-ed piece as one of the "World's Dumbest PR Blunders."

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