Here, Eat This

Eat This: Coconut Curry Popcorn and Oreo Popcorn at The Popcorn Bar

First of all, there will be no cliché comparisons in this article between these two mind-blowingly addictive popcorn varieties at The Popcorn Bar and cocaine, because, well, the only "crackers" in this reporter's life are Ritz.

That being said, it is still imperative to convey how even a small sample (or "mini-bag") of the coconut curry popcorn will have you seriously considering spending upwards of a hundred dollars on a gift (to yourself) tin.  The spicy curry flavor is incredibly strong and wonderfully complemented by sweet milky coconut; those tastes in combination with the over-sized crunchy kernels give rise to a snack that represents the most delicious Thai food you've ever had...but in popcorn form. Any attempts to eat slowly, piece by piece, are soon abandoned in favor of thrusting large handfuls into your mouth.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Oreo popcorn, a luscious hybrid  that easily refutes any claim that kettle corn is the best "sweet-savory" flavor of popcorn.  The kernels are liberally frosted with the vanilla cream of the cookie, yet still retain some of their saltiness, which is then beautifully matched by chocolate flavor of wafers.  To say that there is an 1:1 ratio of Oreos and popcorn pieces, while true, is deceptive as it implies the components are separate but equal.  In fact, the success of this flavor is due to the fact that the majority of your portion is amalgams of cookie and corn. Sorry, Kipling, it's "ever the twain shall meet" with this snack.

Oreo and Coconut Curry are only two of 100 or so flavors available at The Popcorn Bar; others I look forward to trying include the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Fried Pickle. But I only have room for so many addictions in my life, so it'll be a while before I shift the object of my fixation.

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Joanna O'Leary