Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Montrose Edition

Inspectors really picked over 77006 last week. This part of town is known as Neartown, Montrose, the Montrose (kind of annoying, but technically okay) or "the 'Trose" if you're into efficiency. By swapping a single syllable for another single syllable, you avoid having to say the entire sentence: "I am an undercover police officer."

Most of the neighborhood establishments inspectors hit fared pretty well, and none were cited or closed.

Nidda Thai (1226 Westheimer) earned just one violation, for dirty non-food-contact surfaces. Khun Kay Thai Café (1209 Montrose) also registered one violation -- insufficient protection around artificial lighting.

And one more: Da Marco (1520 Westheimer) earned just one violation -- glassware/equipment/utensils not handled in a way that prevents contamination (corrected on site).

Jeannine's Bistro (106 Westheimer) got hit with three violations -- shellstock tags not retained for 90 days; food not protected from potential contamination (corrected on site); potential contamination not prevented by minimizing bare-arm/bare-hand contact. This is one of the few places where you can dip fried potatoes in mayonnaise without looking like a seditious Brandeis professor. America/ketchup first.

Nabi (1517 Westheimer) escaped with no violations, which is a good thing when you're trying to sell a place.

Maria Selma (1617 Richmond) did not do so well, although it did avoid a ticket. Inspectors found eight violations: bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods; no thermometer in refrigerated storage facility (we're sure it feels pretty cold in there); poorly designed or maintained equipment; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; effective pest-control measures not utilized; openings to the outdoors not protected against the entrance of pests; dirty vents; and food stored in unclean or uncovered containers (corrected on site). Apparently you get away from Westheimer and everything turns to shit.

Finally, nationally recognized Feast (219 Westheimer) got hit with five violations: Dirty floors; dirty walls/ceilings; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; plumbing improperly installed/maintained; and the presence of litter/unnecessary items on the property (corrected on site).

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