The Top 10 Google Searches for 2010: Food & Drink Edition

On a particularly creepy episode of Conspiracy Theory -- yes, the one with Governor Jesse Ventura and the Blond Ponytail of Better Days -- a cornered spokesperson for a government Fusion Center told producers and Gov. Ventura that the Fusion Centers don't track people, they "track trends."

Weaseling your way around the supposedly oppositional processes of tracking "trends" versus "people" didn't really hold water in that episode, and it doesn't hold water anywhere else either. You have to track people in order to track trends. And what you find when tracking those people/trends is enlightening in so many ways.

Below is a graph showing the top 10 search terms for 2010 in Google's "food & drink" category. The resulting trends show more -- in my opinion -- about the manner in which people are using the Internet in 2010 than any particular food trends. Draw your own conclusions based off this data; I did.

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Katharine Shilcutt