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Bartender Chat: Kenny Roberts of Lola's Depot

If you're brave enough to admit that you like to go to Lola's Depot, you might get a funny look or two, but the truth is that the place is piece of Montrose history.

Plus it has seriously cheap, seriously stiff drinks that are made by some of the friendliest bartenders in town. "Skinny Kenny" Roberts is of them.

Kenny's been working the door and bartending at Lola for more than a decade. When he joined the bar staff, he was tired of working retail, and besides, "I wanted to know what was in the drinks I was drinking."

So what is he drinking? Right now, he says, "I've been drinking Sea Breezes, which is cranberry, grapefruit, and McCormick's. I hate Grey Goose." We share the sentiment.

Our favorite intoxicating beverages to procure from this legendary bar master are shots. He made us a "Purple People Eater," which contains Absolut, blueberry, cranberry, Crantasia, sweet n' sour, triple sec and Rose's lime. Despite the complexity of the recipe, the shot is refreshingly smooth - scarily so. We felt like we were drinking Kool-Aid from a plastic sippy cup. In other words, it was deliciously dangerous.

Kenny calls Lola's crowd "eclectic and pretty well behaved." Of course, he said this right before having to yell at them to be quiet and let him talk. He also tells us that he plans to stay at Lola's because he loves his co-workers, and "it feels like home."

After spending just a few hours hanging with some of the nicest, most laidback bartenders and patrons in the industry, we can totally understand where he's coming from.

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Geri Maria Harris