Best of Houston® 2023

Best Of Houston® 2023: Best Enchiladas

Las Haciendas in Webster
Las Haciendas in Webster Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Best Enchiladas: Las Haciendas Mexican Bar & Grill

Enchiladas in these parts are so plentiful that sometimes when determining whose are best it’s tempting to look for some obvious difference. Is it stuffed with pit-smoked brisket? Or succulent veggies? Or doused in an exotic sauce? That approach is fine but it might overlook a lot of deserving candidates, the places doing the Lord’s work of rolling and plating the enchiladas that generations of area residents have enjoyed.

One such place is Las Haciendas, a family-owned local chain that’s been offering its enchiladas since the turn of the century back in 2002. The way a Tex-Mex place like Las Haciendas gets on our radar is the way every successful restaurant gets there, by word of salivating mouth. When the Best Enchilada of years past was named, the Tex-Mex-chomping mouths of family members and friends stopped chewing long enough to say, “Yeah, but have you tried Las Haciendas?”

They stand out for freshness and seasoning and nothing novel, just enchiladas good enough to situate in different parts of the city, including a few locations which have survived literal years of roadwork along the Gulf Freeway. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years, so don’t take our word on how great they are, just follow the word of mouth to the restaurant and see for yourself.

Multiple locations
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