Chef Chat

Chef Chat, Part 3: Heather Vaughan of Chef Heather's Personal Chef Services

Heather Vaughan is the kind of personal chef you dream of having when you become rich and famous. Luckily, her pricing is affordable enough that even we commoners can hire her to prepare a few gourmet meals at home. And if you're in the mood to host a dinner party, but don't feel like actually cooking anything, she'll definitely lend a hand while keeping it on the down low.

EOW was lucky enough to sample several of her dishes, and we were thrilled. Though it was all quite simple and straightforward, her food is made with the highest quality, authentic ingredients. If you request an Indian dinner, she goes grocery shopping on Hillcroft and Harwin to procure the exotic ingredients necessary.

Among our favorites were an Aloo Gobi dish made with fingerling potatoes, cauliflower, red chilis and real mustard oil. We didn't realize that there was such a big flavor difference between black and green coriander, but Chef Heather explained it to us, even showing us the raw ingredients. She used both of them to marinate some Chicken and Portobello Tikka that made our mouth water.

We were also fortunate enough to sample some Thai dishes, including one of most flavorful shrimp soups we've ever had. The Tofu Pad Thai was so peanutty and intense, we ate a huge bowl of it in less than five minutes. And although Chef Heather isn't the biggest dessert person in the world, we got to sample some coconut milk sticky rice with mango. It was phenomenal.

The Spaghetti Bolognese was exactly what you would expect to get in your Italian grandmother's kitchen, if you were lucky enough to have an Italian grandmother. Then there was the excellent Jerk Chicken, Chana Masala and freshly chunky Raita. I We ate until we almost burst. If you want to try some of this scrumptiousness for yourself, check out her website,

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Geri Maria Harris