Fast Times: Fork in the Road at Montrose H-E-B

I'm small but I have a big appetite, so I will admit that this week's Fast Times was basically eaten as an appetizer for the dinner we were heading home to make. I have a terrible habit of going to the grocery store hungry, and it got the best of me this time. My husband and I are now regulars at the Montrose H-E-B, and on our way back out to the car I couldn't take it anymore and just had to grab a couple of things from H-E-B's Fork in the Road food truck to tide me over.

I chose the Asian Pulled Pork "bahn mi style" ($5), and my husband opted for the Fried Green Chile Mac ($2). We figured we'd split them as a pre-dinner snack, which we did--as soon as we stashed the groceries in the car and got in. We just couldn't wait till we got home.

I love the convenience of food trucks, although I am the first to admit they don't always qualify as "fast" food. I have waited at least as long for food truck fare (on occasion) as I have for appetizers at a sit-down restaurant. I am not saying I mind, considering the quality is generally a lot higher than something from McD's or a Burger King -- just acknowledging the difference in speed. That said, food trucks do offer that same convenience factor.

Fork in the Road had me split down the middle on this one. The sandwich was definitely bahn mi-like, and it delivered that salty/spicy/sweet combination successfully enough. But I didn't get that hit of cilantro or a big bite of super-hot pepper that I would expect from traditional bahn mi. Still, it was a good effort, and I especially appreciated the crunch of the vegetables against the soft, sweet pulled pork.

Unfortunately, the fried green chile mac was a bland, breaded wad of pasta that left me underwhelmed and pretty thirsty. Fried mac & cheese isn't really my thing, anyway, but I had hoped that the crunchy outer breading and the chile would add some zing -- not so much. My husband liked them, but we both agreed that the sandwich was the superior dish of the two. It was an uneven start to my relationship with Fork in the Road, but I think we just might have a future together.

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