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First Look: The El Cantina Superior Is Not So Super

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Props to the bar for whipping out the half-price (normally $6.50) skinny margaritas quickly, but the bartender should work on the ratio of tequila to lime juice and triple sec. A skinny margarita should be less sugary and have more emphasis on the lime and tequila, but this libation just tasted like orange juice with a squeeze of lime and hint of tequila.

Author's note: I'm a lightweight and couldn't feel anything from this drink.

Salt should also go all the way around the rim of the glass; it shouldn't be in a small clump.

Chips and salsa arrived the second we were seated. Each tortilla chip was drenched in oil and you could practically see through to the other side. The salsa lacked any sort of heat component, as well. It tasted like tomatoes and water. If only there were diced Serrano peppers or jalapenos to give it a kick. Guacamole is not listed on the menu, but you can order it to go with your chips. Even though someone went a little heavy on the lime juice, a simple shake of salt and you're good to go.

Unlike other Tex-Mex restaurants where the menus are five pages long, The El Cantina Superior's meals fit on just one page with drinks listed on the back. Choices include beef or chicken fajitas; enchiladas with red, green or creamy green sauce; ground beef burritos; fish, chicken, beef or pork tacos; and four combination plates. This story continues on the next page.

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