Health Department Roundup

Starting with an update from last week - no, Juan Mon's is not closed. In fact, the sandwich shop now has an "international bar." Which sounds like a backstreet den in Kiev where, if you don't get a $200 drink-slash-prostitute, you get a free walk to an ATM in the company of some enthusiastic local guides. Juan Mon's does shut down at 4 p.m. Sundays through Wednesdays; maybe that was the source of the confusion.

In this week's business, a couple upscale places did pretty well. Inspectors looked at the back kitchen, bar and front grill prep areas of RDG + Bar Annie (1800 Post Oak) and didn't find any violations. Nearby at Philippe (1800 Post Oak, also), inspectors did record one potentially serious violation in the first-floor kitchen: food not free from spoilage/filth, not safe for human consumption, or - and steel yourselves for this one here - not labeled correctly. The fact that the violation was corrected on site suggests the filth was underwhelming, or it was a labeling issue.

Midtown's Gotham Pizza (2204 Louisiana) faced some issues during a routine inspection last week. Their nine violations (no citation) included insufficient light in work areas; improperly constructed restroom doors; food stored near areas of potential contamination (corrected on site); no temperature-measuring device in a refrigeration area storing potentially hazardous food; equipment/utensils/glassware/plates not handled in a way that prevents contamination; and no Food Dealer's Permit. The city's website reports that Gotham also got written up for "Hand-washing sink not provided with water in establishment providing custodial care for pre-school age children." No zoning is one thing, but that's a little much. Edible Arrangements (225 Main) was clean except for some wall/ceiling maintenance issues. These are the folks who spit in the face of convention by replacing boring old traditional flowers with an arrangement of fruit and chocolate-dipped fruit that sometimes tastes okay. Iconoclasts don't have time to worry about walls, unless they're tearing them down, or possibly erecting them in a staunchly anti-wall area.

And in the "you knew what you were getting into" item of the week, the express location of Captain D's located at 1200 McKinney earned ten violations during a routine inspection (though no citation was issued). Those included potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperatures (corrected on site); sink used to clean wiping cloths, wash produce or thaw food not cleaned after each use (corrected); employee with facial hair that is not properly groomed/trimmed (corrected, somehow); ice machine not set up in a way that prevents contamination; no one with a Food Service Manager's Certification on duty; and food not protected from contamination (corrected). Oh, and Captain D's also got written up for "Food establishment packaging juice without an approved HACCP plan." Good thing we're done asking questions for the week.

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