Big Mac pillow is mildly terrifying, no?EXPAND
Big Mac pillow is mildly terrifying, no?
Photo courtesy of McDonald's

You Can Totally Get a Free McDonald's Onesie Delivered Tomorrow Morning

In a country that has a National Day for pretty much everything, tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26, happens to be Global Delivery Day, or rather Global McDelivery Day, as McDonald's calls it. While these so-called national days are always just a big old ploy to draw attention to things humans can throw their money at, tomorrow you can at least have a chance to score some weird-ass freebies from the folks who brought you the previous weird-ass freebies known as the Frork and the S.T.R.A.W.  That's right, McDonald's and UberEATS will team up to unload limited-edition gear from the McDelivery Collection to select Houston customers starting at 11 a.m.

What is the McDelivery Collection, you ask?  Basically, it entails Big Mac-printed pillow cases, blankets and sleepwear — primarily, an adult-size ONESIE. There's also World Famous-branded sweats and slip-on sandals, so if you've ever wanted to look like a college freshman rolling into English Comp with Amaretto sour breath and a bad excuse for why, once again, your personal essay on The Summer I Did Telemarketing is late, this is your jam.

Or, you know, you could stash the Big Mac onesie for a particular vegan relative you really want to anger during holiday season 2017.

These freebies will be available to customers placing UberEATS orders from one of the following McDonald's locations starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning while supplies last. Good luck.

  • 4920 North Kirby
  • 4650 Highway 6
  • 2017 South Main
  • 6509 Washington
  • 1302 Westheimer
  • 1405 Post Oak
  • 1504 Eldridge
  • 6000 Richmond Avenue
  • 1510 Studemont
  • 6110 North Fry
  • 22914 Morton Ranch Road

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.