Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Food Truck Has Arrived

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt has established a presence in Houston during the past several months. The franchise has 15 locations in Houston and the surrounding area, and now it can say it has the first frozen yogurt food truck in Houston.

On Friday, March 7, Menchie's opened its bright pink froyo truck outside the shop on West 19th Street. Although it looks exactly like a regular food truck, it's completely different. Rather than opening up the windows for service, the truck opens a side panel revealing six frozen yogurt flavors in three sections, each with a middle dispenser to swirl the two adjacent flavors.

Everything is self-serve, just as it is inside brick-and-mortar locations. The two differences between the stores and the truck are that the cups are smaller (about half the size of the store's cups) and you don't weigh your froyo to determine how much you pay; it's one flat rate of $5. So get the biggest bang for your buck...or five bucks, and fill that cup up as much as you can. Otherwise, you're getting ripped off.

The Menchie's truck offers six flavors separated into three sections, allowing you to swirl two flavors in each section. During the grand opening, the first section included strawberry and cake batter -- a classic combination; the middle section included the tart honeydew melon sorbet and fruit punch sorbet -- a great mixture for those wanting something tart and fruity; and the third section included the staple vanilla snow and über-fudgy brownie batter. While many enjoy having the selection of nearly 15 flavors at the store, it's nice to be limited to just six flavors, making your selection process much easier. Hopefully the choices vary each time the truck heads out to offer mobile froyo.

There are about eight topping choices, ranging from chocolaty and adventurous flavors such as Oreo cookie crumbles and Nerds to simple, classic toppings like graham cracker crumbs and rainbow sprinkles.

As we creep closer to summer and the temperatures start to rise, the demand for froyo mobile trucks will definitely increase. It's a modern-day ice cream truck! Follow the truck on Twitter @menchiestruck to see where it will be stopping by to serve its frozen yogurt each time it hits the road.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.