Old-Fashioned Treats at Annie's Hamburgers

On a day fraught with unpleasantness resulting from a faulty car engine, I found myself down in the South Post Oak area with little patience and a big hunger. So when I saw Annie's Hamburgers, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was how crowded the dining room was on a weekday at two in the afternoon. This is usually the dead time between lunch and dinner, but Annie's was in full swing. The second thing I noticed was the enormous pile of perfectly crisp bacon in the burger prep area.

One meat per sandwich is generally enough for me, so I usually don't add bacon to my burger, but there was no resisting this mountain of glorious piggy perfection. I got the bacon cheeseburger, fries and onion rings. Hey, it had been a hard day, and I needed some comforting.

The burger was divine. A juicy patty of beef was topped with lusciously melted cheese and two crisscrossed strips of crunchy bacon. The bun was soft and chewy, and the veggie toppings were plentiful. My only complaint was that there was a bit too much lettuce, but that was easily remedied.

The fries managed to stay crispy until the last bite. The onion rings had that almost cakey batter that falls apart in a charming way with each bite. The meal was a throwback to the burgers of my childhood and I enjoyed each and every nostalgic bite.

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Geri Maria Harris