Yale's for sale.
Yale's for sale.
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This Week In Food Blogs: There's Someone Out There for Everyone, Maggie Rita's

29-95: It's a New Year's Day must to indulge in a restorative brunch after a night of festivities. 29-95's Syd Kearney has an excellent list of places to do so, including plenty of favorites in and out of the Loop.

Eater Houston: Speaking of...here's another very handy list, this one for all the holiday travelers from Eater Houston: the best places to eat at Houston's Intercontinental Airport.

Swamplot: The building which houses the Yale Street Grill -- a breakfast favorite in the Heights for many decades -- is for sale. But this doesn't bother the diner, nor the building's other tenants, reports Swamplot.

CultureMap: A year after the Paws On Patios ordinance was passed and enacted, reports CultureMap, 33 Houston bars and restaurants now allow your pooch on their patio.

J.C. Reid, Texas: "The Pass at The Pass & Provisions may be the most ambitious restaurant ever opened in Houston," writes J.C. Reid of the newly-opened second part of Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan's restaurant, giving it high praise after his initial visit. "Both my dining companion and I had separately visited Michelin-starred restaurants in the last few months, and we both realized that The Pass is very much trying to bring a Michelin-style, world-class dining experience to Houston."

Arbitrary Criticism: Finally, we have found the one person in Houston who truly, unironically likes Maggie Rita's. This does not in any way diminish the affection I have for the terrifically funny and talented Catherine Martin, although you'd think that it would.

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