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Top 5 Hot Sauces That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

Watery eyes, runny nose, burning throat. No, it's not allergy season. It's the delicious pain of hot sauce. Here is our list of top five fiery sauces that will make you cry like a baby.

1. El Yucateco Green Habañero Hot Sauce - This is quite possibly the hottest sauce we have ever tasted. We first encountered it during a trip to Mexico. Thinking that red sauces were always hotter than green sauces, I dunked an entire chip into this habañero and garlic mixture. Wow, was I naive, and I paid for it. Next time, I will remember to add just a few drops of this bright green fire to spice up bland salsa.

2. Fresh Red Chili Pepper - We found this chunky "sauce" at the Super H Asian market off Blalock. I use the word sauce loosely here, since it is really just chopped red chilies in soybean oil. You can even see whole pepper seeds in the jar. Only a little bit of this fresh chili and oil mixture will make your lips turn bright red and your mouth burn for milk.

3. El Yucateco Red Habañero Hot Sauce - While still incredibly hot, the red habeñero hot sauce uses tomatoes to cool the burn of the green sauce. But, do not kid yourself. You still only need a few drops of this stuff. We keep a bottle of this sauce in our refrigerator to spice up salsas and tacos.

4. Melinda's Scotch Bonnet Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce - We found this bright-orange hot sauce at Spec's Liquor on Smith Street. Spec's has half an aisle devoted to different kinds of hot sauces -- heaven for hot sauce fans. The papayas and passion fruit juice in this sauce give it a strange tangy flavor. After trying it in salsas, quesadillas and tacos, we still didn't like the weird sweet and spicy combo. It is still the only full bottle of hot sauce in our refrigerator.

5. D'Elidas Habañero Pepper Sauce - This Panamanian hot sauce makes Tabasco look like ketchup. Too much of this habañero sauce on your eggs or enchiladas will leave your mouth on fire for hours.

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