TruMeals: Fresh Food Made Easy

I drove past TruMeals (3821 Farnham) many times before I finally got up the nerve to try it. Yes, I was nervous about it. Their motto reads "Fit Tasty Ready-to-go". "Tasty" - okay, I'm more than down with that. "Ready-to-go" - hmm, sounds easy, but maybe not all that fresh. But what really got me was the "Fit" part. I like healthy food, but "fit" sounds like a bland, unsalted chicken breast with a boiled potato and maybe something green. Perhaps it wasn't fair, but I was prejudiced from the get go.

One day after working out, I was hungry, lazy, and wanting something quick. So I stopped in.

TruMeals is actually very inviting like a tiny version of Whole Foods. Prepared meals line the shelves next to a big smoothie bar. You can wander around and pick out your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The employees are friendly and helpful, but also know when to back off and just let you browse.

Everything looked and sounded appetizing, but I'm such a big eater that I was concerned it might not be enough food to fill me up. I was told the meals come in small, medium and one size fits all. Four small meals will run you about 1000 calories a day, while the medium meals bump you up to 1440 - very reasonable, even for a gym rat like myself.

I chose Fabia's breakfast tacos with organic mostly egg whites (the medium has 2 tacos for 330 calories and is $4.25) the crudite with roasted garlic hummus (120 calories,$2.50) as a snack and the seared scallops with creamy risotto and asparagus for dinner (the medium had 4 scallops, 410 calories and was $11.95).

I took it home and warmed it in the microwave with a bit of trepidation. I had my salt and pepper right there ready to go. Amazingly I didn't need any it. The food was all really good!

Everything was seasoned and cooked perfectly. The microwave didn't even ruin the texture of the scallops. I added some sweet cherries for dessert and was perfectly satisfied with the size of my dinner. Breakfast was plenty filling, as well. It's not super cheap, but it was easy and quite good, so keep them in mind next time you're picking up some food to go.

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