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Talented Executive Chef of Boheme Fired Over Burger Dispute

I have made absolutely no secret of the fact that I love Boheme and its pizzas and its uber creative head chef, Rishi Singh. I love his smoked jalapeño hummus and his Bangkok fries and his ridiculously decadent lobster pizzas. I really love the fact that he makes all of that from a tiny food truck parked behind the bar. Or, rather, I loved that.

Unfortunately, as CultureMap reported this morning, Singh was fired from Boheme last night, allegedly after a dispute with the owner about burgers.

According to the CultureMap article, Boheme's owner, Morgan Holleman, wanted to make Monday nights at the bar burger nights, and he asked Singh to develop a menu of burgers to be rolled out last night. Though Singh was given "only a few day's time" to work on the menu, he had some viable options come Monday night, but Singh was still not happy enough with his own work to roll out the full menu.

Singh told CultureMap that when he informed Holleman that the burgers weren't ready, Holleman fired him.

Singh told CultureMap, "I won't serve subpar food and food that doesn't meet my standards."

A representative for Boheme provided the following comment:

In employee situations, sometimes it works well for a long time and everything is great, and sometimes things need to change.

Rishi is a great, hardworking chef who's really talented and who everyone at Boheme respects. We wish Rishi the best elsewhere, and we hope to bring in new talent to keep moving forward.

At Boheme, there is a strong urge to serve the highest quality product every time and ensure the best guest experience every time. We are committed to the continuation of that pursuit.

Singh could not be reached for comment.

It appears that for now, sous chef Jordan Economy will be taking Singh's place at Boheme. We're told the regular menu will stay in place for the time being, but that there will be some changes happening at Boheme in the future. Hopefully that involves the construction of an actual kitchen on the premises, which will allow the bar/restaurant to further expand its unique food offerings.

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Kaitlin Steinberg