20 More Commonly Mispronounced Food Words

Two weeks ago, we ran a list of the 20 most commonly mispronounced food words that we run across day in and day out. You, dear readers, went nuts and proceeded to forward and Facebook the link far and wide in what we can only imagine was a frenzy of "HERE UNCLE FRANK, THIS IS HOW YOU PRONOUNCE QUESADILLA FOR CHRIST'S SAKE"-inspired passion.

Thank you for that.

But a list of only 20 words was, naturally, far too short to include some of your other favorite Malaprops or mispronunciations. Many readers left their own suggestions in the comments section.

Said commenter Mississippi Queen: "Someone needs to tell Guy Fieri how to properly pronounce balsamic - he says ba-sal-mic."

And commenter Trisch added even more: "Other mispronunciations I often hear: Mascarpone pronounced as "mars-capone." Ceviche pronounced as "sir-veetch-ee." Peking duck as "peek-ing duck" (and for that matter, the city of Beijing as "bay-zhing"). Paella "pah-eh-ler" (must be a British thing)."

So in the interest of correct pronunciation everywhere, here's a list of 20 more commonly mispronounced words for your parsing pleasure.

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Katharine Shilcutt