A Post-Christmas Miracle

We have been hooked on primo coffee beans roasted locally (well, in The Woodlands) ever since last summer, when we saw a supper show at Dosey Doe Coffee House (25911 I-45 North, The Woodlands) starring songwriter Jimmy Webb.

The show was intimate, the venue cozy, the food a nice blend of down-home and nouvelle...but the coffee. We were so impressed, we bought a bag to take home. As it turned out, we had a summer-long commute to The Woodlands and its environs, allowing us to pop back in to Dosey Doe's reconstituted Kentucky barn to stock up on its rich Roastmaster Blend, Northern Italian Espresso, Dinner Bell, and aptly named More Please.

We got other friends hooked, and when our commute ended, we carpooled with them to North Egypt to stock up. DD offers its prized beans on eBay too, but the cost is a wee bit prohibitive.

On to our recent discovery. At a recent stop at Texas Art Supply on Voss, we found rows of bags of Dosey Doe coffees - marked half-price, to boot. We grabbed as many pounds as we could and ran to the counter with them tucked under our arms like Woody Allen making off with Soon-Yi. "Throw in a little art gum and some linseed oil while you're at it," we barked.

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Lee Riner