Barbecue and Bait in Navasota

The sign out front of this four-table barbecue joint on Business 6 (S. Lasalle Street) in Navasota read “3B Bar-B-Que: Buggies, Bar-B-Que & Bait.” I guess they used to sell crawfish along with the barbecue. And who knows what was up with the bait?

When we sat down to eat, the menus we were given read “Mama G’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooked Food.”

What happened to the 3B? we wondered.

Photos by Robb Walsh

The woman who served us was Mama G, and she explained that the previous owners were her husband’s cousins. They ran 3B for about six months before going out of business. So now Mama G and her husband were giving it a go.

Their smoker was a big rusty steel barbecue trailer parked in the backyard. They were burning red oak. The meat had plenty of smoky flavor. We got half a pound of fatty end brisket and half a pound of the lean stuff. I liked the fatty side better, of course.

The sausage was coarse ground with lots of black pepper and the ribs were nice and juicy. The barbecue sauce was served warm in a half-gallon plastic pitcher. Mama G.’s potato salad was homemade.

There are a lot of barbecue joints in Navasota. We wish Mama G.’s good luck. – Robb Walsh

Mama G’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooked Food, 802 S. Lasalle (Business 6), Navasota, 936-825-2655

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