Eat This: Large Fish Taco at El Tiempo

The numerous entree options available at El Tiempo can faze even the most focused diner: "I'm getting fajitas. Definitely fajitas. Wait. Oh look, there's..."

Thirty minutes later, you've eaten two servings of complimentary chips and salsa, downed one and half margaritas, and are no closer to making a decision. And the burgeoning tipsiness from the tequila isn't exactly facilitating the process as you find yourself returning for the third time to the "Tex-Mex Plates" portion of the menu. Some dining companions are trying to "help" by offering their suggestions; others are simply giving you the death stare and removing you from their 2015 Christmas card lists.

If you find yourself in such a situation at El Tiempo, just order the fish taco. It's remarkably fresh, flavorful, light but still satiating.

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Note the singular, "taco." Although you can double up for $22.49, it's unnecessary as one fish taco at El Tiempo is extremely large. It's the biggest fish taco, in fact, I've ever encountered in Houston and thus deserving of the admirable modifier: "jumbo."

Inside the over-sized corn tortilla is are equally over-sized battered pieces of whitefish dressed with red cabbage and a piquant habanero cream sauce enlivens what might otherwise be an monotone fried fish burrito. Like a burrito, however, this taco requires two hands during consumption, so don't plan on logging some serious Candy Crush time during dinner.In addition to rice and beans, a small mountain of coleslaw accompanies the fish taco. An unorthodox choice of side at a Tex-Mex joint, but it works.

El Tiempo's fish taco is not the best thing on the menu; however, its composition and presentation are certainly unique as well as appetizing and reason enough to arrest your ordering paralysis.

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