Food Fight: We Need Your Help

Last week, the Houston Press engaged in a little war of words on Twitter and on HAIF about the best pizza in Houston. Apparently, there's a disturbing number of people in Houston who honestly believe (whether because they've never eaten anywhere else -- not even at a Chuck E. Cheese -- or because they're legally insane) that Double Dave's has the best pizza in town.

Look, we're not in College Station, people. There is better pizza out there. Trust us. So for this week's Food Fight, we're pitting two pizza parlors in town against one another. But here's the twist: Because everyone and their uncle's dog has their own favorite pizza place, we're not choosing; we're leaving it up to you.

Leave your favorite pizza place in the comments section below. At the end of the day, we'll tally the results and order pepperoni pizzas from the two places with the most votes to compete in the deadliest game: Food Fight.

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