New Sonic Sweet Potato Tots Are Surprisingly Delicious

Tater tots at Sonic are always a good choice. In high school, my friends and I would hit up Sonic for an afternoon snack and Happy Hour sodas on a weekly basis. Diet cherry limeades and tater tots were the perfect snack after a long day of school.

Now Sonic offers a twist on the traditional tater tot: sweet potato tots. Instead of white potatoes encased in a crispy tater-tot batter, these tots are filled with chopped-up bits of sweet potato.

At first I was a little hesitant to stray away from the classic tater tots, but once I popped one of those sweet tots in my mouth, my taste buds were surprisingly satisfied.

You can see the orange sweet potato filling through the coating of the tots and you can definitely smell their sweetness. These are very similar to sweet potato fries, but the outer crispy coating sets them apart from the fries and makes them tater tots.

The sweet potato filling is smooth and soft and melts in your mouth. I enjoyed the contrast between the crispy outer shell and the delicate sweet potato filling. Of course, the entire tot is pretty greasy, but it's not to the point that it is unappetizing; they're tater tots, for crying out loud.

Sonic does offer two new dipping sauces for these sweet potato tots: Berry Spicy and Creamy Chipotle. But Sonic failed to offer them to me when I ordered, so you need to ask for them if you want a dipping sauce other than ketchup. I don't like ketchup...I know, I know, that's weird, but it's one of those foods I have never enjoyed.

These tots are tasty by themselves, however. But if you enjoy ketchup with sweet potato fries, then by all means go for it. Or be adventurous and try one of its new sauces -- just remember to ask for them when you order.

My only complaint was that the container wasn't filled all the way. I thought a few had fallen out of the box into the bag, but never found any lost tots. They taste great, so it's a little disappointing to get a box of tots not completely filled to the top.

Overall, props to Sonic for offering a twist on their regular tater tots. These are a great afternoon treat and pair wonderfully with a half-price drink during Happy Hour. Sweet potato tots and a diet cherry limeade might be my new favorite fast-food snack...for a limited time, of course.

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