Obama's Lunch Fave: Spam Musubi

This Spam musubi cost me $1.68 at a grocery store on the North Kona coast. It wasn't the best Spam musubi I've ever had--the Spam was cut too thin, I think there was a little teriyaki sauce between the meat and the rice.The guy behind the counter told me I would have to get there a lot earlier in the morning if I wanted to sample the Spam and egg musubi, the Hawaiian answer to the breakfast taco.

Back in December, mainstream reporters were shocked when Barack Obama ordered Spam musubi for lunch while playing golf in Hawaii during his vacation. Of course Obama eats Spam musubi, everybody who grew up in Hawaii eats Spam musubi. It's easy to make at home too--all you need is sushi rice, nori, Spam and maybe some teriyaki sauce.

Lately, Spam sales are soaring thanks to the recession. So I thought this might be a good time to learn some new Spam recipes. And where better to reasearch Spam cookery than Hawaii? I did an NPR commentary titled, The Tropic of Spam ten years ago about why Spam is so popular in Hawaii. The best Spam I ate on that trip was Spam cooked in papaya marmalade at Sam Choy's restaurant--too bad it's not open anymore. If I find any exciting new Spam creations, I'll send them along.

-Robb Walsh

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