This Week In Deliciousness

Robb Walsh has been vacationing in Hawaii. He had beer for breakfast and Spam musubi that actually looked really tasty. We hate him.

A lot of restaurants are closing. A lot of GOOD restaurants. It sucks.

Rodeo food: Give us fried or on a stick. Both would be best. That'll shut that ulcer up.

Katharine Shilcutt got to enjoy a swanky food tasting, a tour of the abandoned Las Alamedas, some good news on the block next to the coolest block in Houston, and got to experience her very first forum troll with a multiple identity crisis (check the comments) It's true: The anonymity of the internet has called legions of assholes out of hiding. It's like the Wild West, if instead of shoot-outs at high noon, you had pissing contests to see who could yell "FAIL!" first.

J.C. Reid posted a blog that touches on religion and food, which will surely illicit plenty of calm, rational comments from many broad-minded and accepting people. And if you believe that, we have a cocktail for you to try.

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