Top Five Medical Center Restaurants

Food and medical procedures may not exactly go hand in hand, but there are plenty of reasons why it's good to know where to grab a bite going to and from the doctor. Because, hey, there's nothing like getting a blood cholesterol test and then scarfing down a burger during that glorious window of ignorance while you wait for your results. Here are my Top Five Medical Center Restaurants:

5. Le Donut Offering breakfast sandwiches, fruit and sausage kolaches, and some killer donut holes, Le Donut (gotta love that French touch) is the perfect place to pick up an egg-and-cheese croissant and an old-fashioned glazed to fuel that busy morning at the clinic.

4. Mo's Knockout Grill and Mediterranean Food Mo's is slightly farther afield than other Med Center restaurants, but the drive is worth it for the overflowing gyros and crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside kibbeh (fried bulgur wheat balls stuffed with meat). Parking and seating are limited, so be picky as to whom you invite. (Med students: um, no. Chief resident: heck, yes!).

3. Indian Sizzler Indian Sizzler doesn't have the world's best Indian food; however, the curries are hot and the buffet is bountiful. But beware -- stuffing your face at lunch pretty much guarantees you'll sleep through that afternoon rectal exam.

2. Trevisio If you're feeling pessimistic at the last minute about that risky surgery, sneak out of bed for a goat cheese and fontina pizza or some duck breast with garlic and arugula flan ... just in case. You don't want your last meal to be hospital Jell-O.

1. Cliff's Grill An affordable and diverse menu (falafel sandwiches, Italian subs, stuffed baked potatoes) makes it unsurprising that Cliff's is extremely popular among the stethoscoped set. The burgers are purported to be some of the best of the city; skip the soggy fries, though, and go for the onion rings.

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