Yoga Fuel: Tacos A Go-Go on Main

It might seem weird to go to a taco joint for salad, but that's how good the salads are at Tacos A Go-Go. When factoring in size (they're huge), freshness (crisp iceburg!) and TAGG's proximity to my favorite hot yoga studio (YogaOne), it's a total win for my pre- or post-hot yoga meal. There are three salads on TAGG's menu: Garden, Taco, and Grilled Veggie. My A Go-Go go-to? T he Garden House Salad ($4.99, large), to which I add chicken fajita meat and a side of guacamole. (Total: $7.51 after tax).

Now this isn't rocket science and no one reinvented the salad here, I'm just talking about a big, beautiful, inexpensive salad full of fresh ingredients like the crispy, crunchy lettuce that makes up the bed of the dish. TAGG doesn't try to cheat by only using the bitter white parts of the lettuce, either; this is a very green salad.

As for the other veggies, this dish follows the KISS rule: Other than the lettuce, it's diced tomatoes and carrots, period. A sprinkle of cheese and your choice of Creamy Jalapeno Ranch or Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing rounds out the order. You can customize your salad by adding fajita meat for $1.99, as well as extras like guacamole, rice, beans, and sour cream. I go guac for the healthy fats and the dressing-like texture it adds to the salad.

The chicken fajita meat at Tacos A Go-Go is really juicy and well-seasoned; seasoned enough to overcome the tang of the balsamic vinaigrette. I do wish that TAGG offered more dressing options, but since I usually to get this salad to-go it's not really an issue because I can dress it at home. And frankly, I'm not above carrying my own dressing to use in a restaurant.

And though I don't order it often, I also have to give the TAGG Taco Salad a shout out: lettuce, tomato, carrot, black beans, guacamole and cheese in a huge tortilla bowl. I consider this salad a "treat," because while I love huge salad bowls made out of tortillas, a girl can only do so much cardio, you know?

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