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American Fangs' New EP Cranks It to 11

Self-described as “fast, damaging and energetic,” Houston rockers American Fangs' have just...

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Top Houston Music News

Meet The 2015 HPMA Reader's Choice Nominees

Let’s get one thing out of the way – being named a Houston Press Reader’s Choice nominee is not...

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Top Houston Music News

Live: Faith No More at Bayou Music Center

Faith No More, Napalm Death Bayou Music Center July 28, 2015 They held out as long as they...


Top Houston Music News

How Bob Dylan Changed the Course of '60s Music

Dylan Goes Electric! Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night That Split the Sixties By Elijah Wald...


Top Houston Music News

Great Texas Music Documentaries You Should See

It’s coming down to the wire for Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove, the documentary...

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