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Something Wicked 2015 Lineup Is Here

For those folks tired of almost dying of heat exhaustion in order to get their EDM fix,...

Bayou City

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Transmission's Plan For Houston

Lately the medium and small-venue level of the Houston music scene has begun to resemble a...

Bayou City

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10 Acts Who Haven't Aged Well

You know that old Beatles song "Let It Be," the one that instructs listeners to let it be, let...

Throwback Thursday

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I Found Condoms In My Man's Car. Help!

MY SISTER’S SON HAS BEHAVIORAL ISSUES, NOT AUTISM Dear Willie D: I’ve decided to stop talking to...

Ask Willie D

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The Songs of Summer 2015

BECK, "Dreams" What makes "Dreams" so fantastic? Somehow, Beck's newest single manages to sound...

Pop Life

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