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A Different Perspective On the Scene

As a personal rule, I avoid contention. Naturally anxious people tend to be like that. But all...

Houston Music

Top Houston Music News

Beyoncé vs. The World

It could be argued that Houston’s own Beyoncé is the biggest pop star in America, even up...

Bayou City

Top Houston Music News

10 Do's and Don'ts of Touring Europe

In August, we loaded our backpacks and emptied our savings to follow my son and his band on its...

On the Road

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My Girl Gave Me an STD. Help!

Dear Willie D: My girl gave me an STD, and tried to act as though I must’ve gotten it from...

Ask Willie D

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Live: Kanye West at Toyota Center

Kanye West, Travis Scott Toyota Center September 20, 2016 Note: Because Kanye West is such a...


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