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Scorsese and the Stones: Goodfellas Indeed

Martin Scorsese is one of American cinema's greatest music fans. Within his movies, the music...

Classic Rock Corner

Top Houston Music News

The Suffers' Debut Album Is Solid Gold Soul

It's been a while since a local release has arrived with as much baggage as The Suffers' debut...

Houston Music

Top Houston Music News

In Defense of Cell Phones at Shows

If you love live music, it can be hard to put into words the feeling that it gives you. The...


Top Houston Music News

Wheeler Walker Jr. Is a Coward

The arrival of Wheeler Walker Jr., a mysterious “outlaw” with plenty of favorite bad words,...

Country Music

Top Houston Music News

My Kids Think I'm Their Maid. Help!

MY KIDS THINK I'M THEIR MAID! Dear Willie D: I’m a 45 year-old woman with 15- and 16-year-old...

Ask Willie D

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