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Houston Dominates The #SoGoneChallenge

Somewhere in 2003, Monica and Missy Elliott made the most defining record from her second decade...

New Houston Rap

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Previewing The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

The older you get, the more you begin to ask questions about whether or not things matter....

Current Events

Top Houston Music News

All of Marilyn Manson's Albums, Ranked

Say what you will about America’s favorite Satanist, but it can’t be denied that Marilyn Manson...

Weird Shit

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Friday Free For All: Slow Future, etc.

The Friday Free For All relays albums, artists, videos and vibes the Houston Press Music staff...

Pop Life

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Live: Lyle Lovett at the Hobby Center

Lyle Lovett & His Large Band, Brian Dunlap and Total Praise Sarofim Hall, William P. Hobby...


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