Homer No Function Beer Well Without: Geeks Who Drink Present an All-Simpsons Pub Trivia Night

Homer Simpson and beer are virtually inseparable. Just take a look at some of his finer quotes on the malty beverage: There are endless pages of them.

It's fitting therefore that the Geeks Who Drink host an annual Yellow Fever night, an all-Simpsons pub trivia challenge. On August 18 at Taps House of Beer (5120 Washington Ave.), come prepared with a brain bursting at the seams with Simpsons trivia, which you probably considered quite useless up until this point. No longer! Put that trivia knowledge to good use to win a cash purse collected from the entry fees, which are $5 per person.

Teams are encouraged to dress as their favorite character from The Simpsons, and the bartenders from Mo's next door will be serving Flaming Moes to the crowd (we're imagining those taste like a flaming Dr Pepper, but more...cough-syrupy).

Trivia categories include the basics like Simpsons catchphrases (Ay, caramba! Eat my shorts! D'oh!) to more specific categories like holiday episodes (brush up on your Treehouse Of Horror eps) and the show's writers.

You might remember Geeks Who Drink from my stint as a guest host one fateful evening, when I was heckled by a bar full of mostly inebriated nerds after asking "What sexually transmitted disease causes yellow or green-yellow discharge from a man's penis?" (This was not a question that I, personally, came up with for the quiz, but feel free to answer it in the comments section below.) It was great fun, and I highly recommend Geeks Who Drink trivia night as a result.

The fun starts at 8 p.m. on August 18, but getting there early and securing a table is very highly recommended. You'll have a front-row spot for the action and be nicely buzzed on Duff Beer (or Miller Lite...whatever) when the quiz gets started.

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