How to Create Ginormous Sandwiches at Central Market

Central Market's Make-Your-Own Sandwich bar is one of the store's loveliest features, with an amazingly diverse selection of breads, meats, cheeses, spreads and fillings. Unsurprisingly, this spectrum of components gives rise to a rather startling range not only in the composition of sandwiches but also in their individual sizes. If you are looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, there's just one decision you can make to ensure you will step away with an utterly ginormous sandwich that eclipses all others with regards to heft. 

Choose ciabatta (the regular, not the half-size) as your bread; eschew all others (especially, for God's sake, the plain old wheat bread, which is about four inches wide). Ciabatta not only provides the greatest landing platform in terms of surface area for toppings, but also is approximately three times as dense as any of the other carbohydrate layers available.  

Following this decision, you are pretty much guaranteed to leave with a sandwich that even challenges the capacity of this reporter's large gullet and that can easily feed two people. 

However, if you're game, go for the extra-wide, dense hunks of meat loaf (no extra charge), maximize your four free vegetable topping options, focusing on bulky and/or cruciferous types like broccoli sprouts, artichokes and asparagus (again no extra charge), and add thickly sliced jack cheddar (slight extra charge). 

Then watch the kind attendant try to stuff that behemoth into the grill press.

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