This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to Eating Our Words' weekly round-up, the only place in town still selling Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies out of the back of our station wagon. Speaking of suspicious meat, this week started off with a rather angry rebuking of inner-skirt and low-quality outer-skirt steak. Please write your congressperson. After that, Sarah Rufka took in a late-night meal at Max's Wine Dive that seemed to consist entirely of bread and cheese (in other words, it was awesome). Katharine Shilcutt stopped by the Dr Pepper Museum -- wait, there's a Dr Pepper Museum here in Texas? How come we never heard anything about it? Ohhhhh -- it's in Waco. Okay. Yuck.

As Robb Walsh shopped around for a nice goat head - why wouldn't he? - we learned that he can, in fact, has cheeseburger, even a little dainty one like the one at Pete's Fine Meats. To follow up on the skirt steak scandal, Katharine provided us with a slideshow on how fajitas are supposed to be done, courtesy of Ninfa's.

J.C. Reid offered up some "boudin balls with a gooey surprise," which, thank the Lord, turned out to just be cheese. (By the way, if you've never heard the word "boudin" said aloud, it's pronounced "BOO-dan." One of the charming things about Cajun French is how little the actual pronunciation has to do with the corresponding letters.) Next, Robb spent $7 at Hubbel & Hudson, and Katharine filled us in on yet another free burrito day. I'm sorry, are the burritos all going bad or something? People are throwing them away like free passes to the next Lindsay Lohan movie.

Katharine started another food fight (this is why we can't have anything nice around the office), this time between the kolaches of Shipley's Donuts and Olde Towne Kolaches. Despite getting points off for excessive use of the Old English "e," Olde Towne Kolaches reigned triumphante.

Good news for pastry lovers: the Three Brothers Bakery is open again, and evidently it is possible to make an "accidental" blueberry coconut pie. Well, sure, it's as easy as trying not to make a blueberry coconut pie, and failing. (Apologies to Douglas Adams.) There's also some hot pita action going on at Phoenicia's Specialty Foods, which has a new outdoor eating area, just in time for the hottest, most miserable damn June Houston has ever had.

Corpus Christi is the birthplace of not just Farrah Fawcett (R.I.P.), but also Whataburger. The comments on that article are reaching religiously zealous levels. We get it, Whataburger is worth dying / killing for, now everybody chill.

Also heavily divided are the opponents and supporters of foie gras, a dish which J.C. concluded might not be as cruel as activist groups have made it out to be. Awww. Suddenly, it doesn't taste quite as good anymore.

After a quick chat with Steve Scalice of the new Montrose Dean's, it's time to learn about Aladdin's "Genie in a Platter," which, of course, you have to rub the right way. And don't forget: There are a ton of Houston restaurants on Twitter. Not on Twitter yet? SUBMIT.

Finally, we just don't know how we are ever going to stump you guys regarding Where Are We Eating? You correctly guessed a taco truck (El Ultimo). A taco truck. We are out of ideas. Please help us: Where could we eat where even you might not be able to guess? Send suggestions below, and have a great weekend.

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John Seaborn Gray