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Inside Andy Kahan's Duffle Bag of Murderabilia

“Here are the fingernails,” says Andy Kahan, pulling them out of a duffel bag in his office....

Social Distortion

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Trial Over Animal "Crush" Videos Starts This week

Nearly four years after he was charged with animal cruelty in connection with filming "crush"...


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The Johnny Football Saga Enters a Dark, Sad…

A couple of years ago, when Johnny Manziel was wrecking shop as a collegian in the SEC under the...

Game Time

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Bullet Train Fight Collides With Primary Season

Just in case his constituents were not already aware of his stance on the Houston-to-Dallas...


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Katy Couple Charged in Bizarre Servant Slavery…

A Katy couple was arrested yesterday after allegedly forcing a 38-year old Nigerian woman to...




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