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Fawning For Trump, Cruz Proves He Cares More…

After all this time, it turns out Sen. Ted Cruz is exactly what he's always seemed to be, a...

Political Animals

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NFL Week 3: Patriots 27, Texans 0 — 4 Winners, 4…

Ok, I'm not heading into this recap with any flowery prose or clever analogies. I'm operating on...

Game Time

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The Astros Aren't Dead Yet, But the Grim Reaper…

While you were busy watching the Texans get whooped by the Patriots (again), the Houston Astros...


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Precinct 4 Internal Report Suggests a Far Larger…

The corporal who was fired for wrongfully destroying thousands of pounds of evidence sat at the...


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Best Bets for This Weekend's College and NFL Games

So far, through three weeks of college football and two weeks of the NFL, it's steady as she...

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