Best Of Houston® 2006

Houston is no stranger to disaster. When Katrina hit, we were there for the citizens of New Orleans. When Rita came through, our officials were ready. Sure, no city is perfect -- can we say traffic nightmare? But we learn from our challenges, and we come out the better for them. We’ve even picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off after the Enron debacle. This year, we got a spankin’-new soccer team. 1836 didn’t turn out to be the right name for it, but now we have a new, better one: the Dynamo. Disaster averted. After all our scrappiness in the face of adversity, the word is out: Houstonians are Masters of Disaster. And, holy @#$%, Batman, has the Houston Press found the city’s best Goods & Services, City Life, Arts & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, Restaurants and Dishes & Drinks for our 2006 Best of Houston® issue.

Best Of Houston®

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