She's big, bold and beautiful, with more style than Vera Wang, Donna Karan and the entire Queer as Folk cast combined. Kofi hosts late-night events at JR.'s, including the male stripping and dance contests. On a recent Monday night, Kofi warmed up the crowd by lip-synching "I'm Every Woman" and "You Can't Hurry Love" while patron after patron paid their respects with dollar bills. She knows how to get a crowd going with a simple shake of her hips and that grand, warm smile. A self-described "country boy" from Louisiana, Terry Nabors has proved that you can take the boy out of the country and slip him into a gorgeous silver gown with no trouble at all.
Reader's choice: Wendy Chicago

So many toasts, so little time. The only problem: The more glass-clinking we do, the more forgetful we become, and so we neglected to highlight a few Houston classics. Luckily, our readers stepped in to remind us of the Categories We Forgot.

Best Buffet
Todai Japanese Seafood Buffet
7620 Katy Fwy., ste. 300, 713-682-0009

Best Cafeteria
Cleburne Cafeteria
3606 Bissonnet, 713-667-2386

Best Huevos Rancheros
La Mexicana
1018 Fairview, 713-521-0963

Best Scrapbook Store
Photos Forever
4061 Bellaire Blvd., 713-662-0200

Best Ship
Battleship Texas

Best Spa
Bergamos Spa Retreat
2535 Kirby, 713-529-2444

Best Tortilla Soup
El Rey Taqueria
910 Shepherd, 713-802-9145

Best Veterinarian
West Alabama Animal Clinic
2030 W. Alabama, 713-528-0818

Best Wi-Fi Spot
403 W. Gray, 713-520-6896

Best Adult Tap Dance Lessons
Tap Happy
Multiple locations

Best Detox Spa
Deer Lake Lodge & Spa
10500 Deer Lake Lodge

Best Gluten-Free Restaurant
Ruggles Green
Multiple locations

Best Hot Sauce Store
4227 Bellaire

Best Nudist Resort
Emerald Lake Resort
23198 Texas 494 Loop

Best Tattoo Removal
Clean Canvas Laser
10780 Westview

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