Houston has more sports-talk stations than any fan really needs, but far fewer good sports-talk shows than anyone would like. There's a slew of hosts who don't know basic stuff but prefer going for cheap laughs talking about babes and movies. On the other hand, there's Charlie Pallilo of "The Sports Animal," KBME 790. No one in town — no one in the state — retains more sports knowledge than him. You think he's madly Googling to come up with some obscure stat? Think again — he simply remembered it. Pallilo has a great radio voice and presence, he enjoys a good argument and he doesn't dumb things down (too much: he does feel the need to pimp "the babes" on the station's Web site). Some listeners complain he's too cerebral, but he's actually a refreshing and entertaining antidote to moronic radio.

The voice booms and echoes through the stadium. The names are announced clearly. And with authority. The man behind the microphone at Minute Maid Park never fails to let you know who's batting. Or pitching. Or coming in from the bullpen. Bob Ford's the one constant with the Houston Astros. ESPN once said that he had the voice of God, and when you hear his voice at the ballpark coming out of those speakers, you agree. It's the voice of authority. It's a voice of sincerity. Ford's a former Houston radio DJ, the voice of Fox Sports Houston, and he does voice-overs for Channel 8. But whenever you hear his voice, you think Houston Astros. He's not a cheerleader. He's not a screamer. He's calm. He's precise. He's the man in the know, letting you know. So all hail the voice of God.

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